Services du campement baobab


Facilities of Campement Baobab

Thanks to Khady, our cook, we can prepare home-cooked traditional dishes such as Thiéboudienne (Ceebu jèn), yasa, Mafé… on request. We can also suggest you various sorts of salad, grilled fish, lobster, monkfish (subject to availability).

And why not tasting local drinks : bissap juice, bouye, ginger and other fresh juice

The “Thiéboudienne” is a fish and rice dish with vegetables (cabbage, carrot, sweet potato, manioc,turnip)

The “Mafé” is a dish cooked in sauce made of peanut butter to be accompanied by either meat or fish and rice.

The “Yassa” is a dish made of onion and rice with meat, fish or chicken.

You can eat our millet couscous, soupoukanja, gumbo sauce and other delicious dishes.

Traditional dishes from 6000 CFA to 7000 CFA

Excursions, trips & others facilities

Rates are available by clicking on excursions or on our RATES page

  • Taxi de l’aéroport au campement Baobab 20 mn
  • Réserve de Bandia
  • Joal Fadiouth ou l’île aux coquillages
  • Sine Saloum
  • Ile de Gorée
  • St Louis
  • Lac Rose, village des tortues
  • La Somone
  • Mbour
  • Toubab Dialo
  • Thiès

Excursions include the drive + accompanying a Senegalese guide (essential in Senegal; it will avoid many scams !)