Packing your bags

Packing your bags

Here is a list of some essentials to bring with you in Senegal :

  • light and comfortable outfits fit for a hot and wet weather, but not too short or sexy to be suitable for a ride in town.
  • a jumper and a windcheater, especially in winter when temperatures are lower. Trousers and long-sleeved clothes prevent mosquitos stings.
  • Sun and heat protections : sunscreen, caps, t-shirts …
  • a first aid kit to take with you during your day trips
  • trousers, ankle-boots and socks if you want to walk in parks or in the bush
  • insect repellent spray useful at dusk
  • “Micropur” tablets to dissolve into water if necessary
  • anti-malarial drugs and your current medication

Travel light, you can wash your clothes or use the laundry service at the campement, they will dry quickly under the sun of Popenguine !

Keep some room for all the souvenirs you will take back home !


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